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Connecticut Professional Photographers Association

2018 Convention Speakers

Ben Scott presents..."How to Work with Professional Models"

March 23, 2018 at 3:30pm

Learn about the process involved when working with professional models to boost their portfolios. How do you find models to work with? What thoughts go in to the style of images? How to interact with models? How to edit the images so their agencies can use them.

About Ben:

Ben Scott is an Avon, CT based photographer. He graduated with a Masters in Art+Design from NC State University. His graduate research focused on the impact past works of art can have on fashion photography and video. Following graduation, he focused on fashion portraiture with the goal of staying relevant while still paying attention to trends.

Sam Abell sponsored by Canon Explorer of Light presents...

"The Life of a Photograph" March 23, 2018 6:30pm 

Each day a billion new images are made. Few survive. Why? In this lecture renowned photographer Sam Abell answers the question, 'What makes a lasting photograph?'

In compelling slide-by-slide sequences Sam shows how many of his world famous photographs were made. This is not a 'greatest hits' slide show but a hands on, step-by-step demonstration of how--through simplified technique and critical vision--lasting photographs are made. This slide show will change how you see the world.

About Sam:

Sam Abell’s forty-year career has been dedicated to achieving artistic expression through documentary photography.

He has pursued his goals primarily through lengthy, in-depth assignments for National Geographic, where for thirty years he was a contract and staff photographer.  At the same time, he has maintained a career as an artist, teacher and author. He is also a charter member of Canon's Explorers of Light program. A one-person exhibit and monograph of his work at mid-career titled Stay This Moment was organized by the International Center of Photography in New York in 1990. In 2002 a traveling exhibit and monograph of his work titled Sam Abell: The Photographic Life was organized by the University of Virginia Art Museum. His other book credits include Seeing Gardens (2000) and The Life of a Photograph (2008).

Mr. Abell was a founder of the Santa Fe Center of Photography and has been a member of the boards of the George Eastman House, Rochester, NY and the University of Virginia Museum of Art.

"Sam is widely regarded for the elegance, structure and precision he brings to his editorial and documentary photography. He brings those same qualities to his lecture, creating a positive and energizing experience for the audience."

Michael Mowbray presents...

"The Cordless Studio"  sponsored by ACI

March 24, 2018 8:30 AM

As a follow up to my bestselling book "The Speedlight Studio" and program of the same name, I cover recent advances in more powerful battery-powered strobes that not only make location work easier but also can be considered total replacements for AC strobes altogether. I will review the options that are out there, discuss best practices, show examples, and demo.

About Michael:

Michael is the author of the popular speedlight photography books Shoot to Thrill and The Speedlight Studio (Amherst Media). He is in demand on the speaking circuit with his programs on Senior Portraits, Weddings, Speedlights, and Business.

Since opening Beautiful Portraits by Michael in 2001, Michael Mowbray has gone on to win many awards for his portraiture and was named a medalist in the PPA International Photographic Competition in 2011, 2012,2013 and 2015. He has had the highest scoring wedding portrait in Wisconsin 8 out of the past 10 years, including Wisconsin Best of Show-Wedding 2007, 2008, 2009, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015. He has won the prestigious Kodak Gallery Award five times, and the Fuji Masterpiece Award for Outstanding Wedding Portraiture three times. Michael has also been named one of the Top 10 photographers in Wisconsin multiple times and “Best of Madison” by the readers of Madison Magazine.

Michael gives back to the photographic community by sharing his expertise in classes, seminars and educational videos. He is also the owner of the MoLight brand of lighting equipment. Learn more at and

Jacklyn Greenberg presents... 

"Sales by Relationship Building"

March 24, 2018 2:00 PM

Learn to overcome your fears and elevate your client's experience. By focusing on changing our own mindset, we'll learn to provide our clients with meaningful and honest artwork that will transform their lives, leading to sales that will transform our businesses as well! Create evangelists who will prove the power of print is real and promote your business for you!

About Jacklyn: 

Jacklyn’s edge lies in her unique ability to engage and connect with people on a level that delves beyond the surface and into the deeper realm of energy and emotion. This comes, in part, from her extensive travels and immersion in foreign cultures with extended stays overseas in Italy and Australia. After earning degrees in both fine arts and environmental chemistry, she decided to follow her passion and add her intense voice with her inherent air of hyper-realism to the photography world.

Since she started JAGstudios 9 years ago, her work has been featured in numerous bridal publications including the first gay wedding in Martha Stewart Wedding Magazine and the cover stories of Destination Wedding Magazine, Cake and Whiskey, and Grace Ormonde Wedding Style New England Magazine. She’s also been honored with multiple awards in Junebug Weddings, Fearless Photographers, ISPWP, and PDN Top Knot’s Contest.

Jacklyn’s strong belief in conscious living has motivated her to use eco-friendly principles throughout her business. This passion for green photography has made her a valuable resource in the photographic community as studios and businesses become more environmentally aware.

Jacklyn loves to travel, be outdoors, sushi, music, good friends, fine wine… and her partner-in-crime, Chris.

Bobbi Lane sponsored by FujiFilm and Hunt's Photo & Video presents...

"Portraits Unplugged with Mirrorless Cameras"

March 24, 2018 3:45 PM

The beauty of available light is that it's everywhere and always available. Any time of day and any situation can be turned into a great opportunity for environmental portraits. This seminar will help develop your ability to "see" the quality of light and apply it to real people. With tools as simple as a reflector or white board, we can control the quality and dimension of light to fit the mood. We cover shade, backlighting, window light, porch lighting, bouncing and diffusing light.

As mirrorless cameras are climbing in popularity, there are many creative reasons to make the switch besides the obvious advantage of the small size and weight. The live view is a beautiful way to see the full image and still be looking at your subject for better communication. The viewfinder shows you exactly what the sensor sees, so that you know you have the proper exposure. This class is designed to help you make the transition quickly and reap the rewards that mirrorless can bring to enhance your portrait storytelling.

About Bobbi:

Bobbi Lane is an award-winning commercial photographer specializing in creative portraits on location and in the studio. Lane's multi-faceted approach to photography incorporates over 35 years of technical experience with innovative artistic interpretation. Lane shoots primarily people on location for editorial, corporate, and advertising accounts as well as photographing "real people" and travel for stock. Her stock photography has sold worldwide for ads, posters, and billboards.

Bobbi's clients include: Aramco, Fujifilm, Charles Schwab, CB Richard Ellis, Net Perceptions, GE, Warner Bros., PricewaterhouseCoopers, Samsung, Bose Corp., Neutrogena, Mattel, McDonnell/Douglas, Sears' Tower Skydeck, Sekonic Meters, Pocket Wizard and the Morro Bay Natural History Museum.

As a dedicated photo educator, she brings insight and enthusiasm to her hundreds of students every year. Bobbi's excellent rapport and communication with her students inspires and motivates, while her straight-forward teaching style reaches students of many different skill levels. Bobbi teaches her own weekend workshops in the Boston area, and at the Santa Fe Workshops, the Maine Workshops, the Center for Photography in Woodstock, the Los Angeles Center of Photography, and the International Center for Photography in New York City.

She also teaches internationally for Gulf Photo Plus in Dubai and leads travel photo tours to Venice for Carnival, Greece, Turkey, Oman, Ethiopia and Myanmar. At the APA National’s 25th Anniversary, Bobbi was honored with a Special Recognition Award for Education.

Srinu and Amy Regeti presents...

"Scratch that Niche-Niching for Success"

March 24, 2018 at 6:00pm

The Regeti’s will discuss the following to help you find your Niche.


-SELF WORTH: Emotionally and Financial

-THE NICHE: Our South Asian Bride

-WHY NICHE?: Artistry ADD - creating Focus, Meaning, Purpose

-BLINDERS: Seeing is believing.


About Srinu and Amy:

Amy and Srinu Regeti are self taught photographers based out of Washington DC catering to a very niche South Asian clientele. Having started their business in 2005 they have traveled throughout the globe on various projects, until 2009 when it was decided that the their niche for weddings went even further niche to almost exclusively photographing clients within the South Asian bridal market.

The Regeti’s have had the distinct honor of photographing many high profile clients since the start of their career. They have been published in several publications such as; Rangefinder Magazine, Grace Ormonde, South Asian Bride and Southern Living to name just a few. They are also regularly featured on Maharani Weddings, have had their work on Say Yes to the Dress, Housewives of Potomac, throughout multiple Amherst Media Publications and were previously regular bloggers for WeddingWire.

Zamani Feelings presents...

"Sports Photography-Basic Training"

March 24, 2018 8:30 AM

Designed to prepare potential sports photographers with the basics of covering sporting events..

Interactive question and answer style session.

Zamani will discuss the three types of Sports photography images, Peak Action Jubilation Storytelling, Cameras, Sports DSLRʼs Frames per second Buffers, Megapixels, Lenses, Primes/Zooms, The Purpose of fast glass Low Light sports shooting. Focal lengths, Exposure Triangle and Sports.

He will also discuss shutter speeds, aperture and ISO, Autofocus methods, Single point, Single point with expansion, Tracking subjects. Back button. Shutter button, Modes, Auto Modes Manual, Aperture Priority, Shutter priority, Shooting positions, Low angle, Angled of perspective. Dealing with interference, Composition, Ratios Cropping, Post Processing, Exposure White Balance Handling noise.  For anyone wanting to break into Sports Photography this is the seminar for you.

About Zamani:

Zamani Feelings is a free lance portrait, event and sports photographer who lives in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. His love for photography was born from his initial interest in documentary film and he was drawn to photography in an attempt to capture the same feeling, emotion and story of cinematic film with the challenge of translating that into still images. His experience is vast and spans from newspaper, print and web photojournalism, to portraiture and event photography, as well as his latest passion for sports photography which he has now devoted another website too at

Zamani currently photographs college football and basketball for Temple University athletics, Coach and Player magazine and

NFL football for Vavel USA. He is the official sports photographer for Penn Charter school as well as covering other high school and college sporting events for Philadelphia Sports Digest.

Zamaniʼs work has been featured on MTV, the Wendy Williams show, The Leader, Mount Airy Times, Coach and Player magazine, Essence Magazine, Esperanza College media, Philadelphia Sports Digest and Stay Focused Magazine. Vavel USA Philadelphia Sports Digest and the Temple Owls portfolios. He also has photographed President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama and covered two years of coverage of the National Hispanic Prayer Breakfast at the White House.

Sarah Prall  presents...

"The Care and Feeding of a Heart Centered Business"

 March 24, 2018        2:00PM

Have you ever felt dead inside after a session? I have. I realized that unless I feel connected to the person I'm photographing, I'm just going through the motions while my soul withers. I also realized that unless my clients feel connected to themselves and their partner, the only thing they're going to feel is awkward and stiff, and who wants photos of that?

During this program I'll talk about what it means to have a heartfelt business-- how to discover your heart's work, how to open your heart on command no matter who is in front of you, how to nurture intimacy, and how to have the right kind of boundaries so that your heart doesn't get walked all over once it's open. Being able to do these things will allow you to offer an experience like no other, making your clients say "I can't believe we get photographs too! The experience was everything." This translates not only into much higher sales, but also a high level of personal fulfillment from your work.

About Sarah:

Sarah Prall started her photography career as a conflict photojournalist in South Africa, and continued working for newspapers for 12 years, winning numerous awards including being a finalist for Arizona Photographer of the Year. While documenting daily suffering, violence and loss, the hope was that shining a light on what is wrong in the world could help make it right.

When this didn't prove to be true, and after several heart-breaking experiences, Sarah decided to begin healing her heart by focusing on what is inherently, naturally beautiful and lovely: pregnant women, babies, and new families. She now runs a thriving portrait studio with a 3k sales average photographing pregnancy and newborns in Easthampton, MA.

Through her own experience of healing, opening and strengthening her heart, Sarah is able to offer her clients intimate experiences of both being loved and giving love, and provides lasting and nourishing visual legacies. For her clients, the experience of being photographed in a heartfelt way is just as powerful as the photographs they receive.

Lee Varis sponsored by FujiFilm and Hunt's Photo & Video presents...

"What's in the Portrait Retouch Artist's Toolbox for Retouching Skin"

March 24, 2018 3:45 PM

Lee Varis, the best selling author of “Skin: The Complete Guide to Digitally, Lighting, Photographing and Retouching Faces and Bodies” will demonstrate new techniques for portrait retouching that leverage the powerful image processing capabilities of Photoshop to enhance the average subject, without requiring special artistic skills. You will see advanced techniques for:

· Removing blotchy red skin and evening out skin color without painting or cloning

· Lightening dark skin and darkening light skin

· Precision dodging and burning to minimize wrinkles without disrupting skin texture

· Shaping and sculpting the image using Liquify

· Skin smoothing with two different approaches that iron out large defects while preserving fine skin texture

· Eye enhancement with simple technique for that extra sparkle

· A special “skin-glow” effect

Lee shows how, with a little computer cleverness, you can create portrait enhancements the rival the experts in a few minutes. He will work on several portrait enhancements, start to finish, to illustrate the essential techniques that will take your portrait photography to the next level.

About Lee:

Lee Varis is a photo-illustrator now working in the Boston area. He has been involved in commercial photography for over 40 years. He started working with computer imaging over 20 years ago and currently works with digital as well as conventional photography in conjunction with computer graphics to create images for use in print advertising.

Lee’s work has been featured on movie posters, video box covers, CD covers, numerous brochures and catalogs. He is responsible for the moth on the "Silence of the Lambs" movie poster, as well as photos of the Starship Enterprise for the Star Trek movies!

The author of 4 books, his best known book is the best seller: “Skin: The Complete Guide to Digitally Lighting, Photographing, and Retouching Faces and Bodies” Wiley Publishing 2006 & a 2nd edition in 2010. This book has become a must-have reference for every portrait and fashion photographer.

Brian Smith sponsored by Sony Artisans of Imagery presents...

"Portraits of the Famous and Infamous"

What do Richard Branson, Bill Gates, Donald Trump, burlesque dancers and nudist golfers have in common? They’ve all been photographed by Miami celebrity portrait photographer Brian Smith. In this talk, Pulitzer Prize winner Brian Smith as he shares the stories behind his photos of the rich and famous and lessons learned in 30 years of photographing celebrities. He’ll talk about ways he connects with people in all walks of life and share his tricks on how to get billionaires to do exactly what you want and convince them it was their idea to do so.

About Brian:

Miami photographer Brian Smith is the luckiest guy on the planet. He won a Pulitzer Prize at 25, he’s told Bill Gates exactly what to do for an entire hour, appeared on The X Factor, exhibited at the Library of Congress, dined with the President, hung with Richard Branson on Necker Island, gotten drunk with George Clooney, shared cupcakes with Anne Hathaway and married the most beautiful woman he ever laid eyes on…

For the past 30 years, his iconic portraits of famous celebrities, athletes have graced the covers and pages of hundreds of magazines including Sports Illustrated, ESPN the Magazine, Time, Forbes, New York Times Magazine, Elle and British GQ.

His first magazine photograph appeared in LIFE Magazine when Smith was a 20-year-old student at the University of Missouri. Five years later, Smith won the Pulitzer Prize for Spot News Photography for his photographs of the Los Angeles Olympic Games. He was again a finalist for the Pulitzer for his photographs of Haiti in Turmoil. His photograph of Greg Louganis hitting his head on the diving board at the Seoul Olympics won first place in both World Press Photo and the Pictures of the Year competition. His awards also include American Photography, Communication Arts Photography Awards, Best of Photojournalism, One Eyeland People Photographer of the Year, American Photo magazine’s New Faces in Photography, AltPick Awards and Photo District News Awards.

He’s a Sony Artisan of Imagery, Profoto Legend of Light and X-Rite Master Coloratti. He’s author of four books and has been exhibited at the Library of Congress, American Museum of Natural History, Aperture Gallery and Chelsea Art Museum.

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