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 CTPPA Lifetime Achievement Award Winners

The Lifetime Achievement Award was started by fellow CTPPA member Art Rich, M.Photog, Cr. as a way to honor longtime CTPPA members for their commitment to the art and business of photography on a professional level.

Past Winners are:

2009 Earl Colter

Anne Brignolo, M. Photog, Cr.

2010       Harvey Goldstein, Cr. Photog.

Gerri Karamesinis, M. Photog, Cr.

2011 Richard Robertson, M. Photog, Cr.

Mike Gutrick

2012 Mark Allen, M. Photog, Cr.

2013 Roland Laramie, M.Photog, Cr., Hon.M.Photog, Hon. F-ASP, A-ASP

Robert Petrasy, M. Photog, Cr., CPP

2014 Marie Curtis, M. Photog, CPP

Glenn Curtis

2015 Art Rich, M. Photog, Cr.

2016 Jack Holowitz, M.Photog, Cr., F. ASP,

Nancy Holowitz, M. Photog, Cr.

2017 Lynn Damon, M. Photog, Cr. 

2018 Rene Genest, M. Photog, Cr.

Joan Genest, M. Photog, Cr.

2019 Tony Esposito, M. Photog

2020       Marietta St Onge

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