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Why Join CTPPA?

Share the Experience!  And that’s just what they do! Our members are always sharing their expertise with our Association. We can count on them to give an informative seminar, a workshop in their studio, print competition counseling or just to ask a simple question or just be there to answer questions. Out of state colleagues marvel at the closeness of our group and the quality of information passed from member to member.

Savor the Enthusiasm! Many of our members belong to the Professional Photographers of America (PPA), the Professional Photographers Association of New England (PPANE) or one of our neighboring states. They are constantly bringing home fresh ideas to benefit the members of CTPPA.

The Fellowship and Associate Fellowship Degrees are awarded to members who give their time and talents for the good of the entire association. PPA offers certification in the degrees of Master of Photography, Master of Electronic Imaging, Master Artist and the Photographic Craftsman. These keep our integrity and professionalism foremost in our business and instill in the public a greater respect for our trade.

The many functions you can participate in by being a member (socializing before a monthly meeting or in the Hospitality Suite during the Convention) are great ways to share ideas on a one-on-one basis. It may be with a print judge who can share ideas for higher print competition scores, or it may be your fellow photographer sharing his computer program with you. It could be one of our speakers relating a personal experience to let you know that it’s not just the little guy who has problems. The networking that is available is tremendous. Need someone to photograph a game while you are on vacation?  Need a pint of blood for a child that was in an accident?  Have a sprain the day before a big wedding?  There are over 250 people willing to help you out.

Strength in Numbers!  Our state banded together to benefit all photographers in the state, CTPPA members or not, when a State legislator sponsored a bill that would have required every photographer to release all rights to their negatives to the client without any type of payment going to the maker of the image. We all know what that would do to our sales, and eventually our profit margin, but with enough pressure, the bill was defeated. Working with our parent organization, PPA, we’re working to keep our copyrights intact.

You can obtain more information on the landmark cases & decisions against photofinishers from PPA headquarters. These are but a few instances where belonging to a group can be beneficial. We’re constantly seeking insurance plans to protect us and our families since we don’t have anyone to pay for suitable coverage for us. So you see, there’s a strength in numbers.

Tools of the Trade!  As an Association we have tried to provide as much of the brain power you will ever need to run a successful business, but what’s a photographer without the recording medium? A magician probably! CTPPA has undoubtedly some of the finest representatives of the tools of the photographic trade. Their support is vital to our group and we are proud to have them display the latest in technology for cameras, flash units, props, folders, frames, software, and processors, not to mention black and white and color labs with much to offer in the way of services for your customers. Some suppliers are on hand for monthly meetings, and at our outstanding trade show during our annual convention. They are there for marketing support, advice, a hug, and we can count on them year after year.

Ready to Join CTPPA?

Our Code of Ethics

I, having been accepted into membership of the Connecticut Professional Photographers Association, Inc., do hereby subscribe without reservation to this Code of Ethics and do solemnly agree that (I will):

  • Strive at all times to upgrade and improve my knowledge and skill of professional photography, marketing and related areas.
  • Strive to make the public aware of the qualities and services offered by the professional photographer.
  • Shall keep our fellow photographers name as sacred as our own.
  • Endeavor to enhance the status of the photographic profession by maintaining a dignity of manner in my behavior, in the presentation of my photographic services, product, in the appearance of my studio or place of business, and in all other forms of public contact.
  • Deal with all users of photography and the general public with honesty and integrity.
  • Each member has a duty in dealing with fellow professional photographers, students, and others who aspire to be professional photographers to share freely his knowledge and/or skill of photography so that all of our work may be raised to higher levels.
  • Support efforts for and assist in the education of all interested persons and the general public in the art and science of professional photography.
  • Abide by and observe all the rules and laws put forth by the Federal, State and Local Governments concerning the Photographic Industry.
  • No untrue or misleading statements shall be made in any way or in any form of business promotion.

The interpretation of this Code of Ethics rests with the Ethics Committee. Membership in the Connecticut Professional Photographers Association shall be forfeited if found guilty of misconduct. Use of the name of this Association, emblem, and seal will be discontinued immediately.

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