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A Mom's Perspective

March 07, 2012 11:35 AM | Deleted user
As a young(er), single mother, I post a fair amount of pictures online. Between Facebook and Twitter it’s safe to say all of my friends and followers know what my son (JT) looks like. But, at the same time, if you were to walk into my house or see my desk at work, I have a myriad of products with JT’s picture all around me. What I don’t understand is how anyone would think having a computer image of their kids is enough. But that seems to be the concern of many in our industry.

This conflict of hard copy vs. digital image needs some sort of balance; you know, a little of both “old” and “new” traditions. I love the ability to sit at my computer and watch a slide show of JT through the years and I also love to see him on the walls in the house or the calendar on my desk.

So I got to thinking that maybe I have an advantage or a little better incite because I work at a professional photo lab and get to see many of these products first hand. I have the ability to physically touch and see a product to determine if I love it or not. I’m one of those people who needs the full effect.  Think about it.  Nothing does a product justice like the product itself.

The bottom line is that most people are hands on and react to that which is in front of them. They don’t understand how great something is until they can see it. With all of the new products on the market today, it is more important than ever to have samples on display to turn your customers from “that sounds nice” to “I have to have that”.

Do parents still want pictures of their kids to decorate their home and offices? My answer is 100% yes… I’m living proof of that!!

article originally posted on century color blog
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