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Richard Esposito Teaches Advanced Lightroom

March 16, 2013 9:21 PM | Deleted user

Sunday March 17, 2013  9am

Lightroom's capabilities surpasses what most photographers use it for. Richard Esposito will whow features that are mostly unknown, unused or too advanced for the beginning photographer. He'll explore in Lightroom how to arrange your files, faster culling techniques, import and export presets, using Photoshop Droplets for Lightroom, as well as settings throughout the program.

These techniques will help maximize workflow efficiency and improve quality and consistency. Two things that don't normally go together. Richards approach to teaching is so effective that he will show photographers an efficient workflow with tips and tricks to getting things done without feeling overwhelmed.

Richard Esposito has been a professional photographer fro over 9 years. He dedicates his life to his family and photography, and to teaching other photographers. Rchard is a 4-time Emmy Award Winner fro his work in video editing. His photography has been featured by Nikon in advertorials. He has won many international awards including WPPI Awards of Excellence and CTPPA's Court of Honor for wedding image of the year. Although he is primarily located in Connecticut, traveling is a big part of Richard's life personally and professionally. He has photographed weddings across the US and the Caribbean. Richard has also spoken at conferences and to photography associations from California to London.

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