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The Blue Print to Profitable On-Location Photography” featuring Ty and Shannon Fischer

April 02, 2013 10:44 AM | Deleted user

In just a few short years of shooting full time, Ty and Shannon Fischer have taken their high school senior photography business from the corner space of their home to a new, state of the art, 3,500 sq. ft studio space in Springfield, Ohio and are currently opening their second senior studio loft in London, Ohio. Their focus has been on-location photography and now with the addition of their studio space have the ability to shoot both styles of photography. They currently photograph about 150 seniors out of their Springfield location and will exceed the 200 mark this year. Ty and Shannon are passionate about giving back and providing photographers with resourceful information to help them be successful photographers and business people.

Shannon and Ty Fisch's 3 hour program will cover every facet of how we run a successful on-location photography business. Even with owning 2 studios over 90% of our senior business is on-location so we have to be efficient in order to be profitable.

Areas we will cover:

  • Branding: Does your studio have the look? We will show you a couple ways to improve your identity.
  • Facebook: Everyone is telling you to be on it, to use it. Do you really know how? We will show you how we built a database of high school senior clients inside Facebook and how they are now marketing for us.
  • Power to the People: We will show you our local, community programs we do that has increased our brand awareness and web presence. Imagine 9,000 unique hits on your site in just 3 days. We will tell you how we accomplished this.
  • On Location Photography: Not everyone can afford a studio, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t run your on-location sessions like one. Learn how to maximize your amount of sessions in a day, shoot for sales and increase your sales average.
  • Senior Spokesmodels: This program still works! Learn how we went from 0-over 85 spokesmodels in just a few years. They are also paying clients. No free sessions for our spokes models.   

ANNOUNCING: Half Day Hands On WorkShop with Ty and Shannon Fischer (Thursday April 25, 2013. 9-1pm)

"Taking It To The Streets"

We will spend our time together out on location with models showing you how we efficiently and effectively conduct a session.Everyone will have the opportunity to photograph and play with our lighting system. We will show you how the Elinchrom Quadra light set literally saved  us 20 minutes per session when we made the switch to them. Warning! You will probably want to go buy a set for yourself after our workshop. We will discuss and demonstrate our posing and where we get our inspiration for posing. We will show you 6 simple steps to use for every on- location session that will keep you on time and provide a great variety of images.


This Workshop is limited to 25 people.  Sign up now, because at the price of $75.00 there won't be any spots left. 


Ty and Shannon Fischer are sponsored by Buckeye Color Labs and ReBooku.


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