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An open challenge to all members to enter print competitions

May 07, 2013 6:24 PM | Deleted user
Members of the CTPPA: This is the 65th Anniversary of the Connecticut Professional Photographers Association.

Do you support CTPPA? Absolutely!
Do you want CTPPA to flourish? Of course you do!
Do you think print competitions are important tools for photographers? Certainly!

Then you are hereby challenged to enter a minimum of one print in the digital print competition being held on June 27, 2013.

The desire is for CTPPA's print competitions to continue to be self-supporting. And yet, so many of the members at large do not take the opportunity to enter print competitions.

Is it because you are afraid? Is it because so few people enter that you don't perceive it to be a valuable experience? If you need assistance, just reach out to the membership. We have so many Master and Certified Photographers that will help you.

The case fee applies to one print or up to four, so surely you can make the time to enter just one image. Early entry: June 2 - June 16 (Early Entry of 11-20 days before print comp = $20)

On-Time entry: June 17 - June 22 (On-Time Entry of 5-10 days before print comp = $30)

To help you out, all the information you need is provided below along with the email address to send in your entries before June 22, 2013. There is no excuse not to enter. Please help in rebuilding the excitement of participating in the CTPPA print competitions.

Refresher Info: 4 Categories are Wedding, Portrait, Unclassified and Art/EI. There is a maximum of 4 entries allowed, however, only 3 entries are permitted in any one category.

Digital Competition was instituted to encourage more entries and to save members printing fees. Create your digital images as you would for a physical print competition. Then resize each image to 4 x 5 at 300dpi in an Adobe 1998 color space. Print files need to be submitted on-time before the competition to allow the committee co-chairs time to prepare the files.

  • The title of the image for competition should be the name of the file.
  • Using Photoshop >file >file info >description tab >description title would be Image Title.
  • Author would be your name (not studio name or studio logo).
  • Author Title would be the category of the image.

Email digital image submissions by June 22, 2013 to

Payment may be made online or handed in on June 27, 2013.
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