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  • February 12, 2013 11:25 AM | Deleted user
    Join us on Wednesday, February 27, 2013 while a panel of industry experts answer your questions on specific areas of your photography business. This event will be followed by a digital print competition.

    Do you need help writing your studio newsletter? Do you need to update your logo or website to stay current with trends? Do you need help finding insurance that will not break your bank? Do you need to learn the best way to manage your money or do you just want to keep your small business in business? Join us and meet our panel of experts, all of whom reside and do business in Connecticut.


    Our panel includes (l to r): Brenda Koboski (CT Business Solutions), Harvey Goldstein (Harvey Goldstein Associates), Andrew Grehl (Designable), Jennifer Lovett (Crystal Financial Insurance Services) and Chip Janiszewski (Send Out Cards Business Consultant).

    This is the time of year that you need to pay attention to the business end of your company. Don't miss this meeting and your opportunity to make your business healthy! You will get a chance to visit with each of our experts for any in-depth help you need for your business. Go to to register.

    Don't forget to get your competition prints in to Mark Brendel ( This is the second-to-last print competition for the year.
  • December 19, 2012 11:20 AM | Deleted user

    In light of the events that took place at Sandy Hook Elementary School Friday, December 14, 2012, we are organizing volunteers to help provide whatever photographic needs the families of the 27 victims and also to the surviving children, faculty and staff of SHES.  If you can help even a little bit it will go a long way. Aurora Daley Olmstead, one of CTPPA's members has reached out to several photographic companies and they have already signed on to give support by providing albums and metal prints as well as slideshows and other photographic products.

    27 Acts of Kindness:

    In the true spirit of community and support for all fellow human beings, and in honor of the 27 people who left this earth too early, perform a random act of kindess for 27 days. Send us a message of what you did and how it made you feel.

    Can Help Wherever Needed

    Co-ordinate product orders:

    Be the point person for submitting orders to all vendors who have volunteered products.

    Design Slideshow

    Designing Albums

    Editing images

    Editorial Writing

    SHES Spring Portrait Fun Day:

    Spend a day volunteering to photograph the families, staff and faculty of SHES. Similar concept to the HELP portrait. 


    Please indicate where you can help.  We will contact you as soon as the need arises.


    If you have any other questions please contact Aurora at, Kathy at or Marietta at

  • November 12, 2012 11:33 PM | Deleted user

    Join CTPPA and CT PUG for an interesting panel discussion featuring three top local area professional photographers on November 14, 2012 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Cromwell, CT. Three top local area Professional Photographers will lead the panel discussion on one of the hottest topics in Professional Photography today. As professionals should be “shoot and burn”? Are we doing a disservice to professional photography and devaluing our own studios by not providing printed products.


    Jerome Braga, Glenn Curtis,M.Photog., and Carrie Draghi will discuss the positives and negatives of this topic, so come prepared with your questions. This meeting is also an open house to showcase the benefits of belonging to a professional trade association. CTPPA has been in existence for 65 years and continues to strive to bring valuable education and networking opportunities for it’s members. Bring all your photography friends and let’s get to know each other.


    We will begin our meeting with registration and cocktail hour at 6:00 pm with the panel discussion beginning at 7:00 pm. A cash bar will be provided. Go to to register for the event.

  • October 04, 2012 2:49 PM | Deleted user
    During this fun and educational packed evening, Master Photographer Sam Gardner M.Photog. Cr., CPP, F–PPW, PPA Int. Juror will share his award winning techniques on how to create amazing images while having fun with your clients. He will teach how to Pre-sell by creating portraits to satisfy all the potential customers and show how make your work three-dimensional and please clients as well as judges.


    In addition, Sam will explain how to hone the skills of corrective and flattering lighting combined with lifelike animated posing ensuring that subjects look their very best in every frame. These concepts will speed up your work at weddings and portrait sessions as well as earning your more customer loyalty, enthusiasm, and business. Sam Gardner’s keen interest for capturing quality images is only exceeded by his passion for sharing with others. His images have been in the Loan or Showcase collections numerous times and often used by PPA for promotional materials. One of Sam’s portraits scored 100 at Western States District Judging this April. Perhaps more importantly, Sam’s portraits are displayed and enjoyed by
    many clients. His enthusiasm and teaching skills are sure to carry you forward in your pursuit of better image making.


    About Sam:

    He has been teaching photography workshops since 1980, while owning and operating a photography business in Northwest Washington since 1983. Sam was honored by PPA in 2011 with the distinction of Platinum Medalist for having three of his four National Merit Prints accepted into the Loan Collection.

    In ten years of entering PPA’s national print competition, his images have often been in the Loan or Showcase collections and used by PPA for promotional materials. Perhaps more importantly, Sam’s portraits are displayed and enjoyed by many clients. His enthusiasm and teaching skills are sure to carry you forward in your pursuit of better image making.

    Whether presenting or judging, his chief concern is providing high quality constructive feedback and encouraging others to effectively market, efficiently capture and profitably deliver truly professional photographs to their clients.

    Sam continues his own education by studying with the best available, and personally challenges himself with studying art and art history to improve his compositions. He currently serves as a PPA Approved International Juror as well as a Certification Liaison. He is a governor with the American Society of Photographers and oversees the State Elite Awards in addition to other duties.

    He also would like to encourage people to friend him on facebook and to join his group on facebook.!/groups/105603679610/?fref=ts

  • September 07, 2012 4:46 PM | Deleted user

    Summer vacation is over so it's time to get together with all your favorite CTPPA friends as we start a new year full of education, fun and friends! This program is for EVERYONE. It doesn't matter what kind of photography you do. Even if you aren't doing photography, the motivation that you will get from this program can translate in to improving any aspect of your life.

    Join us on Wednesday, September 19, 2012 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel located at 100 Berlin Road in Cromwell, CT. Arrive early at 5:30 to check in and visit with our sponsors and visit with your friends. We do have some new faces in CTPPA so this is a great time to say Hi and get to know a new person.

    Dinner begins at 6:00 and is being served in Sheffield's Restaurant. We will post the menu shortly, however we are now able to offer several choices from a special menu that Sheffield's has created just for CTPPA. Take the time to network with other members over dinner or maybe even sit with the speaker to get to know him. Dinner will be offered at a cost of 23.00.

    The lecture begins promptly at 7 pm. Please mark this on your calendar now and take full advantage of your CTPPA membership.

    Don't forget to visit our famous Media Library and if you have checked anything out over the summ please remember to return it so other members can benefit from the materials.

    Jeffrey Shaw is being sponsored by Lenzart Professional Labs.

    Make sure to mark your calendars for our All-day Fall Seminar being held on Monday, October 22, 2012 at the Hartford/Windsor Marriot Airport.

  • July 22, 2012 5:01 PM | Deleted user

    The sales of tangible personal property made in Connecticut to in-state customers and out-of-state customers are subject to 6.35% sales and use taxes pursuant to Conn. Gen. Stat. §12-407(a)(2)(A).

    Photographic studio services are subject to 6.35% Connecticut sales and use taxes pursuant to Conn. Gen. Stat. §12-407(a)(37)(F).   Photographic studio services performed in Connecticut to in-state customers and out-of state customers are subject to 6.35% sales and use taxes.

    Conn. Agencies Regs. §12-407(2)(i)(F)-1 states:

    “(b) Charges made by service providers. (1)(A) When a photographic studio sells photographs, videotapes or movie films, it is generally deemed to be selling tangible personal property, and charges for any services performed in connection with the production of such property are includible in the measure of tax for its sale. Separate charges for services of a photographic studio that do not culminate in, or that are in addition to, the sale of tangible personal property (such as sitting fees charged when the customer does not choose to purchase the photograph, videotape or movie film, or fees for the restoration or retouching of a photograph, videotape or movie film supplied by the customer) are taxable as photographic studio services.”

    The regulation further states, “(d) Where sales by photographic studios are deemed to be made.

    (1) Sales of tangible personal property by a photographic studio are taxable if the location where title to such property is passed is within Connecticut.”

    (2) Photographic studio services shall be subject to tax if the photographs, videotapes or movie films are taken in Connecticut. If the photographs, videotapes or movie films are taken in Connecticut, the sale of photographic studio services shall be taxable, notwithstanding the fact that the materials consumed in rendering such services were purchased outside Connecticut, the contract for services was negotiated or executed outside Connecticut, the bill or invoice for such services is mailed to or from an address outside Connecticut, or the purchaser of such services is a nonresident.”

    The sale of tangible personal property, such as photographs and wedding albums, in Connecticut is the sale of tangible personal property and subject to 6.35% sales and use taxes.

    If title to tangible personal property transfers outside Connecticut and the tangible personal property is for use outside this state, the sale of tangible personal property is considered an out-of-state sale and not subject to Connecticut sales and use taxes. If a photographer takes photographs in Connecticut and the photographs are delivered outside Connecticut and transfer of title to the photographs occurs outside this state, the sale of the photographs is considered an out-of-state sale and not subject to Connecticut sales and use taxes. This transaction may be subject to tax in the state where title to the tangible personal property is transferred.

    The sale of tangible personal property, such as photographs and wedding albums, outside this state are not subject to 6.35% Connecticut sales tax. If a customer purchases tangible personal property outside this state that is intended for use in Connecticut, the customer owes Connecticut use tax when the item is brought into and used in this state. If a customer purchases an item of tangible personal property outside Connecticut for use in this state and properly pays the other states sales tax at the time the item is purchased, the customer owes use tax to Connecticut on the difference between the 6.35% Connecticut sales and use tax rate and the rate of tax paid to the other state or political subdivision; see Conn. Gen. Stat. §12-430(5) and page 11 of Informational Publication 2006 (11)Getting Started in Business.  

    Photographic studio services are subject to 6.35 % sales and use taxes in Connecticut.  If photographic studio services are performed in Connecticut and the customer receives the photographs in digital form (over the Internet), the photographic studio services are subject to 6.35% Connecticut sales and use taxes. The Connecticut sales and use tax applies to the transaction regardless of whether the customer receives the photographs in digital form in Connecticut or outside this state because the services are performed in this state.

    If photographic studio services are performed in Connecticut (photos or videos are taken in Connecticut) and the customer does not purchase tangible personal property, any amounts that the photographer charges for taking the photographs or videos is subject to 6.35% sales and use taxes regardless of whether the customer is from Connecticut or another state.  Likewise, it a photographer performs photographic studio services in Connecticut and the customer purchases some of the photographs or videos, any amount that the photographer charges for photographs or videos not purchased are photographic studio services and subject to 6.35% sales and use taxes.

    If a customer does not hire a photographer for the photographer’s services but merely purchases a photograph electronically from an existing database of photographs, and does not receive any tangible personal property with the purchase, such as a print of the photograph, the transaction is considered the sale of computer and data preprocessing services and the total sales price is subject to 1% sales and use taxes when the images are delivered to a Connecticut location.  If the electronically delivery occurs outside Connecticut, the transaction is not subject to Connecticut sales and use taxes.

    If a customer purchases a photograph electronically from an existing database of photographs and receives tangible personal property such as a print of the photograph, the sale considered a sale of tangible personal property and is subject to 6.35% Connecticut sales and use taxes.

    If the tangible personal property (print) is delivered to the customer outside Connecticut for use outside this state, the transaction is considered and out-of-state sale and not subject to Connecticut sales and use taxes.


    Conn. Agencies Regs. §12-407(2)(i)(F)-1 addresses the taxability of reproduction rights and states:

    (2)(A) If the true object of a transaction involving a photographic studio is not to obtain outright ownership of the photograph, videotape or movie which was created, restored or retouched for a particular customer, but to obtain only certain of the intangible incidents of ownership thereto, such as the right to reproduce, change or market the photograph, videotape or movie, the charge for such transaction shall be considered a charge for photographic studio services and the transfer of intangible personal property. The charge for the transfer of the intangible incidents of ownership may be only excluded from tax to the extent that it is separately stated from the charge for the photographic studio services on the bill to the customer and the service provider can demonstrate to the satisfaction of the commissioner that such charge is reasonable. If, however, the charges for the sale of the intangible incidents of ownership are not so separately stated, the entire charge shall be taxable as the sale of photographic studio services.

    Therefore, reproduction rights are considered intangible personal property. When a customer is purchasing reproduction rights to a photograph that is either taken for the customer or from an existing database of photographs, a separate charge for the reproduction rights is not subject to sales and use taxes.


    Conn. Agencies Regs. §12-407(2)(i)(F)-1(c) addresses purchases by photographers and states:

    “(c) Purchases by service providers. Photographic studios may purchase tangible personal property, such as mounts, frames, sensitized paper used in finished photographs, videotapes and films, that is transferred to the customer as an ingredient or component part of the finished product being sold on a resale basis when the true object of the transaction is the sale of tangible personal property. When the true object of a sale by a photographic studio is to render services or convey an intangible right, as opposed to selling tangible personal property as discussed above, then the tangible personal property purchased by the photographic studio in connection with rendering such services or such conveyance is considered to be consumed by the studio and is taxable. Providers of photographic studio services are the consumers of supplies that are used by them, such as chemicals, trays, film (other than film incorporated into the tangible personal property sold to the customer), plates, proof paper, cameras and video equipment, and their purchases of supplies are taxable."

    If a photographer is purchasing prints for resale in the regular course of business, the photographer may purchase the photographs without payment of sales and use taxes by issuing a Resale Certificate to the seller.  See Informational Publication 2009(15)Notice to Retailers on Sales and Use Tax Resale Certificates for further information on resale certificates. The photographer must charge Connecticut sales and use taxes on the sales of the prints delivered to the photographer’s customers in Connecticut.  If the prints are delivered to the photographer’s customers outside Connecticut for use outside this state and title to the prints transfers outside Connecticut, the sales of the prints are considered out-of-state sales and are not subject to Connecticut sales and use taxes.

    See page 9 of Informational Publication 2006(11)Getting Started in Business, for information regarding sales and use tax nexus in Connecticut.

    You can find statutes, regulations, rulings, publications, and forms of DRS at the DRS website:

  • June 07, 2012 5:22 PM | Deleted user
    CTPPA is so excited to announce Chuck Arlund speaking at our June quarterly meeting, to be held on Wednesday, June 27, 2012 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Cromwell, CT.

    Chuck Arlund is full of passion when it comes to photography and wants to inspire the photographer to not be afraid of light. To give an understanding beyond being a natural light photographer, and to learn how to walk into to any photographic situation and know that you can create the kind of light that will take your images to the next level.

    See inside Chuck’s head as he shows how he gets his inspiration and transforms it into an image. Learn how he utilizes whatever is around him to create light, by using his own modifiers to broken mirrors.

    • Do you struggle with flash?
    • Are your images not as good as you would like?
    • Have you ever wanted to try something new photographically?
    • Do you want to keep your photography fresh?

    Learn not to be afraid and how to walk into any situation and know that you can nail it.
    Chuck doesn’t use lighting in a traditional style.  He has learned that it travels in a straight line and that he can put it anywhere.  He will show how he achieves the types of images he creates with this “lack of rules” as some people would say.

    Chuck Arlund is a photographer * Chuck Arlund is a rock guitar player * Chuck Arlund loves his family * Chuck Arlund loves Enchiladas and Margaritas * Chuck Arlund is intrigued by fashion * Chuck Arlund wants to show images in galleries * Chuck Arlund loves MAC – both make-up and computers * Chuck Arlund is a D&D nerd.

    Chuck’s goal is to photograph for Vogue and Rolling Stone. His passion is music, but photography is his art of choice.  He prefers street photography inspired by Saul Leiter, Ray Metzker, and Paul Strand.  For additional inspiration he has looked at fashion magazines most of his life for the photos not the style of dress. Chuck lives by the thought that he can die tomorrow and everyday is a blessing. He wakes up and says thank you each day, puts a smile on and embraces the day. That feeling might last 10 minutes or 10 days but by being positive, even surrounded by negativity life is pretty damn good.

    Chuck has a passion for sharing all that he knows and he loves to teach as much as he can. There are no secrets in photography. He loves to learn more than anything else. To check out more about Chuck Arlund visit his website at:

    Also check out the article on Chuck in the January 2012 issue of PPA magazine. Chuck is sponsored by Miller’s Professional Imaging.

    Chuck will be staying an extra day to present his all day workshop “Don’t Be Afraid of the Light”
    On June 28, 2012 at the Connecticut River Valley Inn in Glastonbury CT, Chuck will expand upon the program given at CTPPA’s quarterly program. In this workshop you will learn to use off camera lighting in manual mode so you can totally control exposure and your vision. Learn to light with a purpose not just to light something up. We will learn how to meter and use multiple lights properly to create edgy looking images, in a very fashion style of lighting, that do not scream “I was lit by a flash”. You will go back to the basics to be able to fully understand how to use lighting properly. We will also discuss theory on composition and design in photography. You will come away understanding why, not just how to light your subjects.

    Don’t miss out on this one and only opportunity to see Chuck Arlund in Connecticut!  Meet this innovative and passionate, and all over “cool” guy and let him inspire you to bring a new “look” to your photography.

    This workshop is limited to 15 attendees. The only items you need to bring are your camera and your favorite lens. We will meet at the Connecticut River Valley Inn 2195 Main Street, Glastonbury, CT 06033. Registration will begin at 9:00am, the seminar will begin at 9:30am and will end at 5:00pm.
  • June 05, 2012 10:55 AM | Deleted user
    The Connecticut Professional Photographers Association Digital Print Competition was held on May 21 at the Windsor Marriott following the all day seminar.

    The Best of Show award winners are:
    Portrait – Paulette Mertes: The Pin Up Girl
    Wedding – Jeff R. Dyer: Tropical Breeze
    Creative – Kay Bagwell: Moonlight Rose
    Art EI – Richard Esposito: Our World

    View the full results on the Print Competition Results page.
  • May 03, 2012 11:00 AM | Deleted user
    Spend the Day with Angela Carson - Photographic Craftsman and Approved Photographic Instructor.

    Monday, May 21, 2012  9:00am – 5:00pm at the Hartford/Windsor Marriott

    It’s not easy to be a professional photographer the past few years. Angela Carson’s studio has not been immune to our current economic conditions (she is from the Detroit area). However, she has maintained a profitable studio without discounting her portraiture and still delivering the exceptional portraits her client’s deserve. Angela is coming to Connecticut to share her knowledge and motivation on how everyone can be successful regardless of the economic climate.

    Angela believes that everyone possesses the power to reach deep inside themselves to discover their inner strength and succeed. She will share with you her successful techniques for making money. Angela will teach you how to use her “non traditional” forms of marketing that are inexpensive and that you can begin to use immediately to increase your studio’s bottom line.

    The program will be in three sections.  In the morning Angela will be discussing getting clients in your door, telephone skills, portrait consultations, pricing, sales and handling price objections. After lunch, Angela will be demonstrating a pre-natal portrait session. She will be demonstration her lighting style, how she gets proper exposure and custom color balance. After her portrait demonstration she will also show her portrait workflow.

    To wrap the day up Angela will be talking about how she builds relationships with her clients that keep them happy, refering their friends and coming back to her studio again and again.

    This program is for photographers both new and old. Regardless of your photographic specialty this presentation is for anyone interested in improving what they do. It’s not easy change what you do and Angela asks you to be prepared by having an open mind. If you are not interested in breaking out of your rut, reaching your full potential as business person, artist and being truly inspired; please don’t come. You will be encouraged, educated, motivated and amused as you spend an incredible day with Angela Carson.

    About Angela

    Angela began photographing weddings 25 years ago, while learning portrait photography in her “spare time.” At the ripe old age of 25, Angela’s opened her first studio. It was small, but it was a start.  Within the first year of opening her studio, Angela’s client base went from predominantly photographing weddings to almost exclusively photographing children.

    Angela’s studio is in Northville, Michigan. Her studio is located in a 110-year-old Victorian home in downtown Northville. Angela photographs 125 custom portrait sessions of families, children and high school seniors, annually. Her innovative and unique portrait styles have made Angela Carson Photography a leading studio specializing in custom designed wall portraiture in the Detroit metropolitan area.

    Angela is a frequent lecturer to numerous professional photographic organizations, including The Professional Photographers of America National Conventions; PPA’s Marketing and Management Conventions, The Chicks that Click Conference, Wedding and Portrait Photographers International conventions, and numerous State and local PPA affiliates and most recently at Mystic Seminars. She has had numerous photographs and articles published in The Rangefinder and The Professional Photographer magazines. Angela has also had several photographs selected for inclusion in the Professional Photographers of America’s prestigious traveling Loan Collection.

  • April 19, 2012 11:16 AM | Deleted user
    The following new applications have been received. Names are published once being voted upon by the Board.

    Anyone objecting to their acceptance should present their reasons in writing to Jill Davenport, 387 Torrington Road, Litchfield, CT 06759, Vice President of Records ( Reasonable objections will be heard.

    Please reply no later than May 31, 2012.

    • David Frost, Active, North Haven, CT
    • Janet Zimmer, Active, Stamford, CT
    • Sandy Aldieri, Active, Middletown, CT
    • Gina Henderson, Active, Colchester, CT
    • Brian Kiefer, Additional Active Member from same studio (Scott Perham Photography), Canton, CT
    • Robert Norman, Active, Trumbull, CT
    • Barbara Swenson, Active, Manchester, CT
    • Aurora Daley, Active, Bethel, CT
    • Stephanie Coons, Additional Active Member from same studio (Aurora Photography), Bethel, CT
    • Cate Nixon, Additional Active Member from same studio (Aurora Photography), Bethel, CT
    • Heather Holland, Additional Active Member from same studio (Aurora Photography), Bethel, CT
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